Elementary Schools

Choosing a functional and affordable scoreboard for your elementary school gym:

The mission of Scoreboards Plus Inc. is to provide Canadian sports facilities, community centres, municipal governments and corporations with

  • Tabletop or Wall Mounted?

    Tabletop of Wall Mounted?

    Tabletop models such as our model 9200 are an economical solution for timing and scoring in the gym. Requiring no installation, they can be set up in minutes and later locked away securely when the game is over. With an optional carrying bag, they can be easily taken along for ‘away’ games. Wall mounted scoreboards, on the other hand, provide a permanent focal point in the gym. Start up costs are higher, due to the labour required to mount the scoreboard. Consider too, the cost of having an electrician provide hydro to the scoreboard location.

  • Tabletop or Wall Mounted?

    Multisport scoreboards?

    Enable you to display game information for the most popular elementary school sports (basketball, soccer, floor hockey, volleyball), allowing you the freedom to hold a number of different athletic events successfully.

  • Tabletop or Wall Mounted?

    Basic scoreboard information

    Including time, scores and period, are shown on models 5205, 5240 and 5200. More advanced models such as the 5241 also show player and team fouls (basketball) and number of games won (volleyball); these features aren’t generally required at the elementary school level. Consult with referees and team coaches to learn whether these features would be used before investing in a more expensive scoreboard

  • Tabletop or Wall Mounted?

    Wireless Data Communication

    Think about adding the flexibility of a “wireless” option. That way, the ISC 9000 scoreboard controller can be used anywhere in the facility without actually being connected to the scoreboard. Note that a power source is still required for the controller, unless you choose a model that is not only wireless, but battery powered.

  • Tabletop or Wall Mounted?

    Protective Screens

    Our scoreboards are designed to withstand the impact of an occasional errant ball. Still, always try to mount your scoreboard out of the line of fire if possible. If not, consider purchasing an optional protective mesh screen (link to page) to keep your scoreboard safe from damage.

Superior Technology

Our high definition, ultra-bright LED screens provide greater clarity and visibility. Crystal-clear digits and a wide viewing angle ensure audience members will never miss out on the action.


Our user-friendly technology means even young students can learn how to operate our scoreboard controls. Now they can take part in energizing the crowd at school sporting events without the hassle of working out sums!

Convenient Wireless Option

Want to have the flexibility to keep score from anywhere in your recreational facility? We’ve got just the thing for you. Our optional wireless system eliminates the need to be physically connected to the scoreboard so you can even track the game from the coach’s office.

*Note: AC power still required to operate scoreboard control.

24/7 Customer Support

We make every effort to keep up to the high demands of your school athletic programs. That’s why our knowledgeable customer support staff is available around the clock to answer your questions on our technical support line and via email.

For More Information

Contact one of our representatives today at 1-800-755-0230 or via email to request further information or to receive help choosing the scoreboard that’s perfect for your school!